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For Persoal One2One Boxing Coaching

Great boxing gear at great prices

Everything you need to know about  Sittingbourne please visit

Well equiped Gym in a beautiful country setting with special rates for Invicta members

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Our friends at TKO Kickboxing Gyms

Can't find that hidden venue where you're due to fight ? Easy to use route finder

Come on fighters, make sure you get your running done! These guys will take you on some good routes between 3-15 miles

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If you like high flying, top of the ropes grappling action, visit the site of the best wrestling organisation in Britain

Looking for local sports and bussiness

Good quality and value for money Martial Arts equipment

Great source of information from the worlds greatest Broadcasting company 



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Need a boost to your ego?

Can't sing, can't play but wanna form a band

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