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Harry Reeve (There would be no Invicta without Him)

Invicta Chief instructor Ray Askew was first taught to box by his mother (yes mother!) and father from the age of four years old. Ray's mother Eileen was taught along with her 13 brothers and sisters by her father, British Cruiserwieght Champion Harry Reeve.

Harry was a facinating character that was extremly well known throughout East London for being tough fighter with and without Boxing Gloves. Harry worked in the docks at a time when there was very little work. Dockers would crowd outside the Dock gates and wait for the foreman to throw coins into the crowd. Whoever caught a coin would work for the week and if Harry was unlucky in his catch he would challenge one of the lucky ones to a friendly(!) bare-knuckle fight for the work.

In the ring Harry fought all the big names in Boxing of that time from Middlewieght up to Heavywieght. He knocked out the current British Heavywieght Champion Joe Beckett in seven rounds of a non-title fight

Check out the links page for his fight record (not all of his fights are listed).


Harry Reeve and Family